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Top Quality German Shepherd Dogs

Waldkonig K9 German Shepherds( formerly known as Timberhaus K-9) is a longtime hobby Breeder of quality German Shepherd Dogs located in Beautiful Washington State in the shadow of Mt Rainier.
Over the years ,We have seen our beloved Breed changed to suit the fad of show ring or competition sport.Becoming physically and mentally unsound.We strive to stick to the original parameters that were set forth long ago. We Breed for a dog that is not too extreme in conformation or drive,but balanced. A clear headed dog with solid nerve ,good temperament,excellent health top off with head turning beauty!  We are firm believers that the GSD was and should always  remain,a versatile dog. They can do just about anything from Herding, Search and Rescue, Police K-9, Therapy or Service,personal protection.When a dog is bred soundly the list is limitless! 
We proudly co-own the following  3 stud dogs with our good friend Jean Schrader of Schraderhaus K-9
V-Lord vd Grauen v Monstab SchH3,KKL1"a"normal  hips/elbows,DM Clear-Pure DDR lineage
V-Dino v Schaferliesel SchH3,IPO3,KKL1"a" normal hips/elbows,DM Clear-Pure DDR lineage and former stud of Haus Iris and the big bi-color
2x BSP,4x LGA participant V-Hurican vd Wolfen SchH3,IPO3,FH1,KKL1"a"normal hips/elbows,DM Clear
and we are the final home of two great boys that live  on in our breeding females
Dargo vd Thuringer Kronjuwelen SchH3,FH2,KKL1"a"normal hips, Pure DDR lineage
and V-Urs vd Gansebrucke SchH2, KKL1"normal hips

Waldkonig Dogs are versatile dogs!